Laguna Blanca School

The mission of Laguna Blanca School is to develop the intellectual, social, physical, artistic and ethical lives of our students by providing a comprehensive and personalized education experience that prepares each graduate for college and lifelong success.

Scholarship - We believe that academic excellence is best achieved in an atmosphere of high expectation, inspirational instruction individualized attention, and student-teacher relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Character - We believe in the development of integrity, personal responsibility, consideration for others, and skills for compassionate leadership.

Balance – We believe students should develop dimensions of themselves beyond academics. Laguna Blanca is committed to providing all students with meaningful experiences in the arts, athletics, and a wide array of co-curricular opportunities.

Community - We believe the success of Laguna Blanca relies on a mutually supportive partnership between faculty, students, parents, and staff who actively promote healthful living and honorable citizenship.
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